Michael Cooper action shot 1

Michael Cooper NEAC is an artist working in oils in Lewes, UK. Michael Cooper was born in Birmingham in 1943. In 1958 he moved to Brighton where he trained in the conservation of paintings.  Self-taught as an artist he worked for various galleries, in London and in Winchester.  He moved to Lewes in 1974 where he co-founded and ran the Star Gallery Workshops and Studios.

He has been a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions and was elected member of the NEAC in 2005.

“In painting you can attend as you create: the accidents of the paint often give back more than what you consciously willed. Cooper half ordains, half lets happen a complex confusion of colour traces, then hones it into its own distinctive orderliness. His procedures are very much his own, evolved over a long gestation without the forming influence of an art school or any single dominant mentor. But they are quite distinctly those of a man passionate about oil painting, and entirely at home in his passion.”

Julian Bell

Arch yellow
Oil on canvas
£4000 - SOLD

Open air
Oil on canvas

Still life
Oil on gesso panel